Nigel White

Residential and Lifestyle Sales

Approaching the sale process with precision that leaves nothing to chance, clients receive the benefit of Nigel’s combined intellect and intuition. This, coupled with a reputation for accuracy and his personal ethos that communication is king, and clients receive unsurpassed service they can depend upon.


About Bayleys


After four and a half decades of service to the New Zealand community, Bayleys stands as a proud market leader offering an unmatched portfolio of property related services and sector-specific expertise.

We offer expertise in the marketing and sale of a wide range of property, including 

  • Residential
  • farms and lifestyle blocks
  • commercial and industrial property
  • tourism and business real estate such as hotels and motels 


In addition, Bayleys Property Services manages one of the largest commercial and industrial property portfolios in New Zealand – with major clients operating businesses ranging from sizeable single venue premises in the major cities, through to multiple location operations across the country. 

Combined into a full-service organisation, no other real estate company can match Bayleys' breadth of coverage across all market sectors throughout New Zealand.

Our people share and are united by the real family values that our founders built into the business from the beginning. Relationships matter to us. Service matters to us. Trust, reliability and the desire to exceed expectations are the fundamentals that define us.

Now more than ever you need to choose to work with a company that is able to give you the edge in an extremely competitive environment.

Over 45 years, we have worked to get to a point where the Bayleys name is now synonymous with quality property, excellent customer service and most importantly – the delivery of superior results.

This bedrock reputation stands behind all our property involvement and gives all those who engage us the benefit of a legacy of excellence. Put us to work for your business and give yourself a 45-year head start.